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GRACE: Take a look, the official announcement

SAMIRA: Kinda late, isn’t it.

GRACE: Dear students, last week an unknown person viciously attacked one of your classmates in the form of a hateful message on her door.  The police are currently following up possible leads and we hope the perpetrator will be swiftly brought to justice.  We will keep you informed of any new developments that arise in the investigation. President of the College and Dean of Students.

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Hate crime

GRACE: Matt, come hear what Samira did to this girl who made the mistake of getting her ethnicity wrong.

MATT: I’ll have to hear it later.  You guys will never believe what just happened.

GRACE: What?

MATT: Ok, so I was trying to study

SAMIRA: But not succeeding.

MATT: Quiet you.  I was string to study in my room, and all of a sudden I hear all this commotion in the hall.  So I look out and there are all these campus police officers gathered around someone’s room.  Of course I can’t study will all the noise (eye rolling, a look) so I go down to check it out.  And that’s when I see it.

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SARA: So I’m guessing you’re Armenian.

SAMIRA: No, I’m Catholic

SARA: Can’t Armenians be Catholics?

SAMIRA: Uh…yeah, sure, I guess.  Weren’t we just talking about Easter?

SARA: We were, I was just curious.  You see, I have this Armenian friend who looks just like you.  I swear you could be twins.

SAMIRA: Oh.  Well, I’m not Armenian actually.

SARA: Are you sure?  You really look exactly like my friend.  There couldn’t be some ancestor?  Maybe someone who was adopted...or something…?

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(Shoe store in Midtown Manhattan. Emily, Ashley, and Diana are looking for shoes, Samira is bored along for the ride )

EMILY: What about these? Do they look good on me?

SAMIRA: They're so high....are you going to be able to walk by the end of the night?

EMILY: Four inches is really not that bad, I swear. I'll keep flip-flops in my clutch or something.

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