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Hate crime

GRACE: Matt, come hear what Samira did to this girl who made the mistake of getting her ethnicity wrong.

MATT: I’ll have to hear it later.  You guys will never believe what just happened.

GRACE: What?

MATT: Ok, so I was trying to study

SAMIRA: But not succeeding.

MATT: Quiet you.  I was string to study in my room, and all of a sudden I hear all this commotion in the hall.  So I look out and there are all these campus police officers gathered around someone’s room.  Of course I can’t study will all the noise (eye rolling, a look) so I go down to check it out.  And that’s when I see it.

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(Shoe store in Midtown Manhattan. Emily, Ashley, and Diana are looking for shoes, Samira is bored along for the ride )

EMILY: What about these? Do they look good on me?

SAMIRA: They're so high....are you going to be able to walk by the end of the night?

EMILY: Four inches is really not that bad, I swear. I'll keep flip-flops in my clutch or something.

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