(Samira and Amira are on the phone)

SAMIRA: And then she said "Well, we all know that mixed people are hotter. You're so lucky you're mixed." It was so annoying!

AMIRA: Well, I mean, we are hot.

SAMIRA: You know what I mean.

AMIRA: What's the harm?

SAMIRA: Well for one thing, not all mixed people are conventionally attractive. Which is not to say that they aren't attractive, but we all know what she meant.

AMIRA: Sure.

SAMIRA: And anyway, positive stereotypes aren't good either. 

AMIRA: Meh, I'm not that concerned with this one.

SAMIRA: It's so lazy. Also objectifying. We have brains too. And really, I'm lucky to be mixed JUST because I'm attractive? I'm lucky because I have an awesome family that just happens to be mixed. And what about Amir? How do you think it feels for him. He's our brother and he's not mixed. 

AMIRA: I doubt he thinks about it. I don't know what you're getting so worked up anyway. It's just a throwaway comment. It doesn't affect us.

SAMIRA: It's the principle of the thing. And the fact that this keeps happening. And that the media perpetuates it. It's a fetish.

AMIRA: You think you've been festishized?

SAMIRA: Absolutely, don't you?

AMIRA: Not that I can think of.

SAMIRA: Bobby definitely fetishized you.

AMIRA: He didn't.

SAMIRA: Seriously? He called you his Middle Eastern princess and you don't think he fetishized you?

AMIRA: I thought it was cute.

SAMIRA: Of course you did.

AMIRA: You never liked him.

SAMIRA: Cause he was a jackass.

AMIRA: Whatever.

SAMIRA: That's beside the point anyway. When people mixed comments like "mixed people are soooo hot", it reduces us to stereotypes. And saying we're lucky to be mixed because we're so hot whitewashes our experience. I can't believe you don't care.

AMIRA: I have other things to worry about. Like how I'm about to get fired.

SAMIRA: You're amazing at your job.

AMIRA: My boss doesn't think so.

SAMIRA: Drinks later and we'll talk about it?

AMIRA: How about 6.


(they hang up)