(Grace enters)

SAMIRA: Aaron was here. He needs the notes from Orgo.

GRACE: Oh man, are you ok?

SAMIRA: Of course, why wouldn’t I be ok?

GRACE: If you say so.

SAMIRA: You know me, I bounce back!

GRACE: Uh huh.

SAMIRA: Oh ye of little faith.

GRACE: Besides the Orgo notes, did he say anything else?

SAMIRA: Not exactly.

GRACE: What is “not exactly”?

SAMIRA: He wanted to know if I was going to talk about him at the dating panel.

GRACE: Oh god, he actually said that?


GRACE: He is so ridiculous.

SAMIRA: No he’s not, he just wanted to be prepared.

GRACE: Uh huh.

SAMIRA: You sure are skeptical recently.

GRACE: Not skeptical, realistic.

SAMIRA: Anyway, I told him I didn’t know what I was going to talk about.

GRACE: You should probably have some notes.

SAMIRA: I guess, but how do I really predict what people are going to ask?

GRACE: It’s a panel right? Don’t you have to say something first, before people ask questions?


GRACE: Better get writing! What else did you tell him?

SAMIRA: Who? Aaron? Um, I told him I didn’t expect to fall for someone who wasn’t brown.

GRACE: How did he take that?

SAMIRA: Not well.

GRACE; No kidding, he’s Middle Eastern!

SAMIRA: He has green eyes!

GRACE: Samira, come on, you know better.

SAMIRA: Ugh, it was in the moment. It came out wrong.

GRACE: You know, you could talk about that.

SAMIRA: About what?

GRACE: Dating as a pale brown person.

SAMIRA: Ha, pale brown, it’s like an oxymoron.

GRACE: Feeling the need the play up the brownness.

SAMIRA: Is that what it is?

GRACE: Could be? You should at least consider it.

SAMIRA: I guess.

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