CISD Drinks

(Cocktail party)

NIALA: So are you from Iran?


NIALA: Are you sure you’re not from Iran, you look Persian straight up.

LINDA: Nah, she looks Armenian.

MARC: I’ve dated Iranian men, you don’t look Persian at all.

ASHA: None of the above

NIALA: Seriously?

LINDA: Well where are you from then?

ASHA: California.

MARC: Where are your parents from?

ASHA: They're American.

NIALA: Quit being coy, what's your ethnicity?

ASHA: Fine, my mom's German and my dad's Indian.

BHARAT: Indian? What part of India?

ASHA: Tamilian.

RANDOM GUY: You can’t be Tamil, Tamil’s aren’t that fair.

BHARAT: Well you don’t look Indian at all.

MALIHA’S COUSIN: Why do you say you’re from California?  You’re just confused.

(They argue amongst themselves. Sanjay enters)

SANJAN: Hi, I'm Sanjan.

ASHA: Asha.

SANJAN: Where are you from?

NIALA (reentering the conversation): Here we go again

ASHA: The States.

SANJAN: Oh. I could hear that in your accent. I mean where are you parents from?

ASHA: The States.

SANJAN: I mean, what's your ethnic background?

ASHA: German.

(Niala is trying to stifle laughter)

SANJAN: Okaaaay.

ASHA: Fine, and Indian. Tamil.


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