(Grace and Samira are studying. There is a knock, and Matt sticks his head in)

MATT: Can I come in?

GRACE: Sure, I was just leaving.

SAMIRA: You don't have to.

GRACE: Aaron wanted the notes from Orgo remember, I'll go find him.

MATT: Aaron was here?

SAMIRA: Just for Grace.

GRACE: For those Orgo notes.

(Grace exits)

SAMIRA: Seriously, just for Grace and her Orgo notes.

MATT: If you say so.

SAMIRA: What, you don't trust me?

MATT: Of course I trust you, but we've only been dating a month and you guys had such an intense relationship.

SAMIRA: Well, it's over.

MATT: Ok. Pause. So have you heard about those interracial dating panels the administration set up?


MATT: Pretty silly right? As if anyone is against interracial dating these days.

SAMIRA: Um...there was just a hate crime.

MATT: Drunk frat boys. They do stupid things.

SAMIRA: Well they asked me to be on one.

MATT: Why?

SAMIRA: I'm the product of an interracial relationship and I'm in an interracial relationship? So I guess they figured I'd have some insight.

MATT: Oh, I don't think of us as being in an interracial relationship.

SAMIRA: How is that even possible?

MATT: I don't see race. I don't think of you like that.

SAMIRA: You don't see race...

MATT: No, I just see you.

SAMIRA: So you don't see that I'm Indian.

MATT: You're also white.

SAMIRA: Right, but I experience the world as a brown person.

MATT: But you're so pale. Anyway, it's not that I don't fully appreciate your Indian side. You're my Indian princess.

SAMIRA; You know what, I have a lot of work to do.

MATT: Samira...

SAMIRA Really, I need to get this paper done. And prepare for the panel I don't need to be on.

MATT Are you mad?

SAMIRA: I just need to do this.

MATT: Then I'll stay and study with you.

SAMIRA: No, I need total quiet. No distractions.

MATT: Samira.

SAMIRA: Seriously.

MATT: Samira.

SAMIRA: Fine, I'm mad. I'm mad at myself for thinking I could date a white guy and not have these kinds of conversations.

MATT: Hey now, that's not cool.

SAMIRA: Oh, so now you're offended. I thought you didn't see race.

MATT: Well if you're going to say "white guy" just like that. As if I'm nothing but my skin color.

SAMIRA: Suck it up.

MATT: Wow. Silence. I'm leaving then.

SAMIRA: See you in class.

(Matt exits and slams the door)

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