Hate crime

Matt enters the previous scene

GRACE: Matt, come hear what Samira did to this girl who made the mistake of getting her ethnicity wrong.

MATT: I’ll have to hear it later.  You guys will never believe what just happened.

GRACE: What?

MATT: Ok, so I was trying to study

SAMIRA: But not succeeding.

MATT: Quiet you.  I was string to study in my room, and all of a sudden I hear all this commotion in the hall.  So I look out and there are all these campus police officers gathered around someone’s room.  Of course I can’t study will all the noise (eye rolling, a look) so I go down to check it out.  And that’s when I see it.

GRACE: See what?

MATT: The white board on the door says “Dirty Chink sucks white cock”

GRACE: What?!

SAMIRA: Who would write something like that?

GRACE: Whose door was it anyway?

MATT: Kimberly Park’s.

SAMIRA: Isn’t she Korean?

GRACE: She has a white boyfriend right?

MATT: Yes, and yes, but do racist bastards really care whether they’re getting someone’s ethnicity right?

SAMIRA: Well no.  So what are they going to do?  Do they know who it is?  Are they going to make an announcement?

MATT: I’m not sure.  It looks like they’re investigating and they’re going ot keep this thing under wraps for a while.

SAMIRA: Why?  People deserve to know what’s going on on campus.  Especially if it’s something like this!

MATT: I’m not sure, an image thing I guess.  They’re probably doing PR work right now.  I mean what if this gets out.  People might not think we’re a liberal, diverse, accepting school anymore.  They might think we’re not safe.  And then what would happen to the minority numbers they’re trying to boost?  Those would go down the tube.

GRACE: They can’t keep it a secret for long though.  People talk.

SAMIRA: Maybe that’s what they’re counting on word of mouth so they don’t have to say anything.  Until it all blows over of course.

MATT: Do you really think it’s going to blow over?

SAMIRA: Not really.

GRACE: Who do you think did it?

SAMIRA: A white guy probably.

GRACE: Or a white girl

MATT: Why white?

SAMIRA: Isn’t it obvious?  An Asian would have gotten her ethnicity right, and also would never have written “Chink”.  And no one else would care.  I mean what does a Black or Hispanic person care if a Korean girl is dating a white guy.  It doesn’t make sense.

GRACE: None of it makes sense.  Has this ever happened before?

SAMIRA: Plenty of times

GRACE: I mean here

MATT: Not that I know of.

SAMIRA: Although plenty could have happened before our time that we don’t know about.  This school is great about covering things up.

MATT: Aww, Samira don’t be bitter

SAMIRA: Bitter?  At the way students of color are treated?  Never

GRACE: Don’t forget women!  Remember that rape cover-up?


GRACE: Yeah you do, the year before we got here.  It was the only thing anyone could talk about during spring open campus

SAMIRA: I didn’t come for open campus. I was accepted early decision.

MATT: And I was just lazy.  What happened?

GRACE: Apparently it was a date rape.  One girl was raped by one of her classmates.  Giant scandal, especially since the guy[s father is an alum and a HUGE donor to the school.

SAMIRA: It’s always the rich ones isn’t it.

MATT: What happened?

GRACE: He quietly left the school, and she was all but told that she’s be expelled if it came out.

SAMIRA: So she couldn’t take him to court?

GRACE: Exactly

SAMIRA: Sounds like he got off easy.

GRACE: Guys always do.  No offense Matt.

MATT: I fully admit to my male privilege…and my white privilege.

SAMIRA: Ah the new age enlightened white male.