SARA: So I’m guessing you’re Armenian.

SAMIRA: No, I’m Catholic

SARA: Can’t Armenians be Catholics?

SAMIRA: Uh…yeah, sure, I guess.  Weren’t we just talking about Easter?

SARA: We were, I was just curious.  You see, I have this Armenian friend who looks just like you.  I swear you could be twins.

SAMIRA: Oh.  Well, I’m not Armenian actually.

SARA: Are you sure?  You really look exactly like my friend.  There couldn’t be some ancestor?  Maybe someone who was adopted...or something…?

SAMIRA: No, definitely all German.

SARA: German?  But you’re so…


SARA: I wasn’t going to say that

SAMIRA: But you were thinking it.

SARA: I didn’t…

SAMIRA: My mother’s blonde actually.  Blue eyes too.  Very Aryan.

SARA: I…uh…never would have guessed.  I guess you take after your father.

SAMIRA: Actually people tell me I look exactly like her.  But since you’ve never met her I could see how you could make that mistake.

SARA: Yeah, sorry about that.  I have class, but maybe I’ll see you round. 

Sara exits hurriedly, Samira laughs to herself.  Grace enters

GRACE: What was that about?  She ran out of here fast enough.

SAMIRA: She thought I was Armenian.  Insisted on it in fact.

GRACE: Armenian?  That’s random.

SAMIRA: Apparently she has a friend who’s practically my tiwn.

GRACE: Let me guess, brown eyes?  Brown hair?  Olive skin?

SAMIRA: I guess

GRACE: So what’d you tell her?

SAMIRA: That my family’s German

GRACE: Samira!

SAMIRA: Well it’s true

GRACE: You left out the Indian part didn’t you.

SAMIRA: It might have slipped my mind

GRACE: You’re so mean.

SAMIRA: Yeah well, what right does she have to insist that I’m Armenian anyway.  I’m so sick of it.  First that one guy who thought I MUST be Persian, and then the girl who thought I was Spanish, and now this one.  It’s ridiculous

GRACE: The Spanish girl was just looking for a connection.  You know, someone to maker her feel like she belongs.  She’s an international student after all.  She must feel like a fish out of water.  Give her a break.

SAMIRA: Fine, but what about the others?

GRACE: Well they’re just obnoxious

SAMIRA: I’m so thrilled that you agree.