GRACE: Take a look, the official announcement

SAMIRA: Kinda late, isn’t it.

GRACE: Dear students, last week an unknown person viciously attacked one of your classmates in the form of a hateful message on her door.  The police are currently following up possible leads and we hope the perpetrator will be swiftly brought to justice.  We will keep you informed of any new developments that arise in the investigation. President of the College and Dean of Students.

Can you believe them, is that all they’re going to say?

SAMIRA: Shouldn’t we have a campus-wide discussion or something. Since it’s on the forefront of everyone’s mind anyway.

GRACE: You mean like a solidarity thing?

SAMIRA: Something like that.  A show of support for Kimberly, talk about prejudices, so everything’s out in the open.

GRACE: Hey, that’s not a bad idea.  If the administration won’t say anything at least the students should.

SAMIRA: Force them to notice

GRACE: Maybe if we suggest it to the cultural org presidents.  Do you know any of them?

SAMIRA: Just Meena, since she’s the South Asian one.  And of course Yasmin, our own mixed race org pres.  The rest I know by name and face, that’s it.  You?

GRACE: Well, Drew Mitchell.

SAMIRA: Black Student Alliance?


SAMIRA: How’d you meet him?  He’s a senior and not in any of our classes.

GRACE: I’m kinda dating him.

SAMIRA: Kinda?

GRACE: I am.

SAMIRA: Wow, jealous.  He’s so hot!.

GRACE: I know, isn’t he.  We’re trying to keep it quiet for now.  It’s really new, so it you don’t mind not telling anyone.

SAMIRA: Of course not.  So you can talk to him, and the 3 of them, they’ll know the others.

GRACE" Right

Drew bursts in.

DREW: Did you see that e-mail! It’s been what, 2 weeks?  And they choose to send it out now!  Hi.

GRACE: We saw.  Drew this is Samira.



GRACE: You were saying?

DREW: Yeah. 2 weeks too late!  Can you believe they waited that long.  What’re they playing at?  As if it hasn’t been all around school already, and in the papers.  Did you see The Times last week?

GRACE: “Picture perfect school rocked by hatred”, Yeah I saw it.

DREW: When I get my hands on whoever gave the quote for that story.  Everything we’ve tried to do, with the administration, with the students, with the faculty, undermined by one article.  We’re not perfect, but at least we’re trying.

GRACE: I know babe, it bites.

DREW: Sorry,.  I’m just frustrated.  First the crime, then the article, and now this, 2 weeks too late.

SAMIRA: I just wish they’d find the asshole who did this.

DREW: Me too, but in the meantime we’re going to have interractial dating panels, race discussions, the works.

GRACE: That’s just what Samira was saying.

SAMIRA: Yeah that was my idea.

DREW: You didn’t think you were the only brilliant one did you?  We’re meeting tonight to discuss it.  Watch the boards, we’ll make an announcement tomorrow,

GRACE: We’ll be waiting

DREW (kisses Grace on the cheek): See you tomorrow.

SAMIRA: He’s so sweet, you’re so lucky.

GRACE: I know.  And brilliant.  He came up with the same idea you did.

SAMIRA: You know what they say, great minds think alike.