(Samira, Kate, Eleanor, Ashley, Jessica, Grace, and Annie are having brunch. Kate is the only other non-white person at the table. Note: a joke about slavery has already been made earlier in the weekend that Samira has objected to and there have been lots of comments about the lily-whiteness of this group of friends)

Eleanor: Who wants the last cinnamon roll?

Kate: No thanks, I don't really like sweet things for breakfast.

Samira: Me neither

Eleanor: What is wrong with you guys, you're crazy. These are so good.

(Kate and Samira look at each other)

Kate and Samira together: It's cause we're not white!

(Kate and Samira start laughing uncontrollably)

Eleanor (to Samira): You don't consider yourself white?

Samira (still laughing): No, why?

Eleanor: Why don't you consider yourself white?

Samira: Because I'm mixed?

Eleanor: So you deny your white side?

Samira (awkwardly, trying to make a joke and failing): Oh yeah, because they had slaves. Duh.

(the joke does not land. the friends are overlapping)

Ashley: Oh, so you're allowed to make a joke about slavery and we're not.

Jessica: Ashley's family was the only one that had slaves. Mine didn't.

Grace: I can't believe you're asking us to apologize for slavery.

Samira: No one's asking you to...geez.

Annie: My family wasn't even in this country back then. I'm first generation.

Grace: It's an inconsistency of thought.

Eleanor: Why do you get to make jokes about being mixed?

Samira: Ok, first of all, your joke about slavery didn't even make any sense. They would be sneaking down the stairs to get the hell out, not sneaking up them. 

Ashley: You had to be there.


Ashley: Well neither is your joke.

Samira: Fine. I agree not to make jokes about my good ol' Southern family.

Eleanor: I still can't believe you don't consider yourself white.

Samira: Why would I? I experience the world as a brown person. 

Jessica: You're really not that brown.

Annie: I'd say you're pretty pale.

Samira: This conversation right here, this is why. Thanks for the reminder guys.

(Samira exits.)