The boyfriend

(Samira's new boyfriend Christian has just exited)

SAMIRA: So now you've met him

RACHEL: He's nice. 

SAMIRA: That's all you have to say?

RACHEL: I mean...he's just so....white. I didn't expect him to be so white.

SAMIRA: He's German. Like his parents immigrated from Germany. You knew that.

RACHEL: I know, I mean. I don't know. I just never pictured you with a white guy.

SAMIRA: Why not?

RACHEL: I always pictured you with someone you.

SAMIRA: He is like me. We have the same sarcastic sense of humor. We both like food and travel. We both want to get out of New York, and live back in Europe. Preferably sooner rather than later.

RACHEL: I mean I realize that, obviously. I guess I just figured you would end up with a foreigner.

SAMIRA: He is a foreigner.

RACHEL: I mean someone more like....Raj.

SAMIRA: Raj is from Georgia.

RACHEL: You know what I mean.

SAMIRA: I really don't (she does)

RACHEL (struggling): Someone with your background.

SAMIRA (starting to enjoy this): How would you describe my background?

RACHEL: Now you're just being mean.

SAMIRA: I'm not, I swear.

RACHEL; You're trying to make me look racist. I'm not racist.

SAMIRA: I never said you were.

RACHEL: It's just that...I do I say this.

SAMIRA: I'm your one brown friend, so you except me to date someone who looks like me? 

RACHEL: That is not true! And you are not my only brown friend. There's...umm....hummm.....

SAMIRA: That's what I thought. I've known you for ten years Rachel, I know your friends.

RACHEL: Not my fault, really. It's not like I try to have only white friends.

SAMIRA: Uh huh.

RACHEL: I don't like where this conversation is going. Christian's nice, I like him. End of discussion. Let's get dinner.

SAMIRA (to herself): Right, cop out when it gets challenging.


SAMIRA: Nothing. Where do you want to eat?