DAISY: And get this, he's Indian AND white. Isn't that so cool?

SAMIRA: What's so cool?

DAISY: That's such a cool mix. Like he was showing us pictures of his family's house in (pause) Chennai? I think that was it, that's in the South.

SAMIRA: I know where Chennai is.

DAISY: Anyway, it was just so cool and different.

SAMIRA: Different how?

DAISY: All those colors! And he had pictures of rickshaws, but not the bicycle kind, the ones with a motor. Oh and the flowers, and all that food.


DAISY: It's just like this crazy world from where he grew up here. Out in the burbs.


DAISY: What? Isn't that cool?

SAMIRA: YOu keep saying that.

DAISY: Because you're not saying anything. I don't think you get what it's like. He'll just have to show you the pictures.

SAMIRA: I know what it's like.

DAISY: Why are you giving me that look?

SAMIRA: What look?

DAISY: That look that says I'm nuts.

SAMIRA: You're not nuts.

DAISY: Then that skeptical, know-it-all look. I hate that look.

SAMIRA: Daisy.

DAISY: What?

SAMIRA: You realize that's me right? Those are my cultures?

DAISY: What?

SAMIRA: Right down to the cities.

DAISY: I don't get it.

SAMIRA: Daisy, we've known each other for 20 years.

DAISY: Yeah.

SAMIRA: I'm like that guy. He could be my brother.

DAISY: Oh. Right.

SAMIRA: Do you just remember?

DAISY: Well, I don't really think of you as mixed.

SAMIRA: What do you think of me as then?

DAISY. I dunno. You?

SAMIRA: That's a part of who I am.

DAISY: I guess.

SAMIRA: You guess?

DAISY: I didn't mean that. I mean.  (silence). Well it's not like you talk bout it.

SAMIRA: Seriously?

DAISY: He talks about it. He told us about his trip. He showed us pictures. I guess it just made it more real somehow.

SAMIRA: More real.

DAISY: To have the visual.

SAMIRA: I've shown you pictures.

DAISY: Not for a while.

SAMIRA: You weren't really interested in seeing them.

DAISY: That was a long time ago.

SAMIRA: Uh huh.


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