(Rehearsal room. Mostly Indians, with a smattering of non-Indians. Samira walks in)

JEN: Aap late hai.


JEN: Aap kahaan the?


JEN: Aap late hai. Aap kahaan the?

SAMIRA: English. I don't speak Hindi.

JEN: Ha, not very Indian are you.

SAMIRA: SOUTH Indian. I'm SOUTH Indian.

JEN: Everyone speaks Hindi.

SAMIRA: Whatever, I'm here.

JEN: Everyone, we'll start in five.

(Jen turns back to what she's doing. Samira moves to the other side of the room)

SAMIRA: So annoying.


SAMIRA: White girls with Indian fetishes.

ANJALI: Oh Jen? Ha. Yeah. It's like she has to prove something.

SAMIRA: Prove what? That she speaks terrible Hindi?

ANJALI (slyly): How do you know it's terrible, you don't even speak Hindi.

SAMIRA: I can hear her accent.

ANJALI: Oh, can you?

SAMIRA: Oh fine, I'm just annoyed. I have no idea how good her Hindi is.

ANJALI: (laughs)

SAMIRA: It's just the assumption you know. That we all speak Hindi.

ANJALI: She would fit in well in Delhi!

SAMIRA (laughing): You're ridiculous

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