GRACE: Well the casting call did say "not too dark."

SAMIRA: Ugh, why.

GRACE: It's set in the 50s.


GRACE: Well there was this demographic.

SAMIRA: Not entirely. Look at the archives. Anyway, it's just ridiculous.

GRACE: Why do you want to be an extra anyway?

SAMIRA: Why not. When will we ever get to do this again?

GRACE: 5am calls? Pin curls? Girdles?

SAMIRA: Professional make-up? Big stars?

GRACE: 50 takes


GRACE: Probably. At least 25. 

SAMIRA: Can you just let me dream.

GRACE: I just don't see the appeal.

SAMIRA: The experience.

GRACE: If you say so. 

(Kelly enters)

KELLY: Guess what! I got cast as an extra!

SAMIRA: Of course you did.

KELLY: What? Didn't you? Half our hall did.

GRACE: She didn't.

KELLY: Sorry.

SAMIRA: I'm too Asian I guess.

KELLY: I don't think that's it.

SAMIRA: Why, doesn't it make sense?

KELLY: I don't think of you as Asian.

SAMIRA: What do you think of me as?

KELLY: I don't know, you?

SAMIRA: I don't even know what that means.

KELLY (visibly uncomfortable): Um, you know. You're just Samira.

GRACE: Well I was definitely too Asian to be an extra.

KELLY: Yeah, see. Grace gets it.

SAMIRA: The casting call said "not too dark." Ergo I am too dark. Ergo I am too Asian.

KELLY: Did you just use "ergo" twice in one sentence?

SAMIRA: ...........

KELLY: Anyway, I have to put pin curls in tonight. It's going to take forever. See ya!

(Kelly exits)

SAMIRA: Like a whirlwind.

GRACE: You know what she meant.

SAMIRA: I'm not white enough to be in a 50s movie, I'm not Asian enough to actually be Asian. Yeah, I get it.