(Elementary school playground outside Los Angeles)

MEGAN: Who's that?


MEGAN: That woman who's waving at you. Is that your nanny?

SAMIRA: No, that's my mom.

MEGAN: Are you adopted?


MEGAN: Are you sure?


MEGAN: But why does she have blonde hair.

SAMIRA; Cause she does.

MEGAN: You have black hair.

SAMIRA: No, I have brown hair.

MEGAN: No, it's black.

EMILY: Yeah, it's black.

ANNE: Definitely black.

SAMIRA No, look at the strand, it's brown.

MEGAN: Fine, but it's really really dark brown.

EMILY: Really dark.

SAMIRA: It's still brown.

MEGAN: If she's your mom, why do you have brown hair?

SAMIRA; My dad has brown hair?

MEGAN: But she also has pink skin. You have, like, yellow skin.

SAMIRA: My skin is not yellow.

MEGAN: Yes it is. Look. My skin is pink, yours is yellow.

EMILY: You're an alien! A yellow alien!

SAMIRA: Am not!

MEGAN: Fine, but you don't look like her.

SAMIRA; Yes I do!

MEGAN: No, she has pink skin and blonde hair. You have yellow skin and brown hair.


MEGAN: So, I think you're adoped.

SAMIRA; I'm not adopted.

MEGAN: I bet you are. I bet they didn't even tell you. They just picked you up from some town in Mexico.

EMILY: Yeah, Mexico!

SAMIRA: I'm not Mexican.

MEGAN: Your real mom probably had to give you up. 

EMILY: Or they took you from her!

MEGAN: Yeah, they just stole you and made you think you belong with them.

ANNE: But you really don't. 

MEGAN: You actually belong on a farm in Mexico.

EMILY: Yeah, a farm!

SAMIRA: I don't belong on a farm.

MEGAN: And maybe your real mom came across the border looking for you. 

ANNE: And she's working at Taco Bell in the city!

MEGAN: Yeah, she's working at Taco Bell while she searches for you.

EMILY: Ooooo, that would be so cool....and so sad!

MEGAN: Yeah, that's probably want happened.

ANNE: You should tell them you know you're adopted and they should give you back to your real mom.

Asha SundararamanComment