Are you together?

(Airplane cabin, Emily and Anish are looking for their seats)

EMILY: Which row are you in?

ANISH: Up there.

EMILY: Oh, this is me.

ANISH: Maybe the person next to you will be willing to switch.

EMILY: Yeah, I'll ask.

ANISH: And if not, I'll see you on the other side.

(they put their bags under the seat in front of them and sit. Emily puts her jacket on the seat next to her)

MAN 1: Excuse me, this is me.

EMILY (while moving her jacket): Oh great. Do you mind just switching with my husband? He's just up there in the aisle seat.

MAN 1: Sure, no problem.

(Man 1, goes to Anish's row. Looks at Anish, and then turns to Man 2 across the aisle)

MAN 1: Excuse me, your wife asked me if I could switch with you so you could sit together.

MAN 2: Excuse me?

MAN 1: Your wife asked me to switch with you.

MAN 2: My wife?

MAN 1: Yes, your wife. Back there.

MAN 2: My wife is at home with our kids.

(Emily is gesturing wildly)

MAN 1: Funny. She's back there.

MAN 2: I definitely left her at our house this morning getting the kids ready for school.

MAN 1: Oh, your girlfriend then?

MAN 2 (offended): I don't have a girlfriend.

MAN 1: Well, that woman back there said she was your wife and asked me to switch with you.

MAN 2: I've never seen that woman in my life.

(Emily types on her phone)

MAN 1 (exasperated): I'm sure you haven't.

MAN 2: I don't think I like what you're implying.

(Text dings. Anish looks at his phone)

ANISH: Excuse me sir?

MAN 1: Yes?

ANISH: I think you mean my wife?

MAN 1: Oh, what? No. His.

ANISH: No, it's my wife that's sitting back there watching us.

MAN 1 (turns to look at Emily): Oh, um. I mean. I assumed.

ANISH: Of course you did. I'll just get my stuff and go back there. Thanks for switching, we really appreciate it.

MAN 2 (under his breath): Racist.

(Man 1 glares at Man 2)

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