Touch down - Lagos

Let's get one thing out of the way before I start. In this country, people think I have this crazy life jetting around the world. And I guess I have sort of. But I'm already eleven and I've only lived in two countries. This one, Nigeria, is just the third. Jennifer's lived in five, and she wasn't even born in the States, she was born in Scotland. Kevin's lived in seven (ha ha,,, rhymes). His parents are with the government. I don't think he's even lived in the States. Shilpa's lived in seven as well. Government again. And before we got here, I'd only been on one international flight. No wait, Canada's international I guess. But we mostly drove across the border so that doesn't really count. 

It was dark when we landed in Lagos the first time. Actually, it was always dark when we landed in Lagos. Except for that one time we took a domestic flight. I tried to see the city through my tiny airplane window, but all I saw were blinking lights. 

It was also the end of summer. We were sitting close to the front of the plane so the heat hit me as soon as the doors opened. It was this wave of heat. My dad said it was the humidity, but I don't really know what that means so I'm just going to say it was really hot. Why don't these airports ever have air conditioners? Anyway, it felt like the air was a big sumo wrestler sitting on my shoulders, and after five minutes I could feel the sweat start to coat my arms. 

Dad said we had to move fast. He'd been there before to check it out. We had to move fast to beat everyone else to passport control. At the time I didn't know what the rush was. Now I do.