Ski stories

They were talking about where they were skiing during the long weekend. I hung back, looking for a way into the conversation. It had been three months at this school and I was still an outsider.   

"We're going to Heavenly?"

"Why? Northstar's better."

"Also closer."


"Ever been to Kirkwood?"

"Once. A while ago though."

"Yeah, same. I really prefer Northstar."

Someone paused and saw me standing here.

"Hey Samira, you ski?"

"Yeah, sure, I ski."

"How long?"

"Six years? I was on a racing team when I was younger."

"A racing team? That's so cool!"

"Yeah, it was pretty awesome."

"Where do you like best? Heavenly? Northstar?"


"Oh, I've never been to Tahoe."


"You've never been???? Where've you skied then?"

"Oh um. The Canadian Rockies. And the Alps. The Italian ones though, not the Swiss ones."

Silence. They looked at each other.

"Oh. That's cool."

"Yeah, cool."

"Anyway, Amanda. You HAVE to go to Northstar this weekend. You'll love it."

Even my ski experience marked me as different. And skiing is an expensive hobby. What had been normal around my friends at my old school in Europe, was elitist here. What was I supposed to say.


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